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Wearable Art (woven pieces) : Nobuko Tsuruta

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ニューヨーク在住の作曲家、作詞家、キーボード奏者、パーカッション奏者の妙時砂子(元サコ・ヤスマ)はパフォーマーとして様々なジャンルでの経験を積んできた。7歳からクラシックピアノを習い始め、10代後半から、ロック、レゲエ、ファンクなどに興味をもち、キーボード奏者として活動する。1989年からニューヨークに移住。その頃からサックス奏者として、アフロキューバン、ボサノバ、ジャズ、アバンギャルドなどグループで演奏し、ダンサー、アーティスト、詩人、フィルムメーカーなど数々の分野の芸術家たちとのコラボレーションも活発に行う。数々の自身のアンサンブルを率いり自作の作品を公演する傍ら、ビリー·バング、ロイ·キャンベル、スティーブ·スウェル、ジェイソン·ワン、シェーラ·ジョーダンなどのミュージシャンと共演し、2007年にはアルバム「Another Rain」を発表する。 その後間もなく、首の故障のためにサックスの演奏を中断する。




そんなある日雪の降る中を歩いていると、突然歌詞がメロディーに乗って湧いてきて、それ以来自作の歌をピアノで弾き語りするようになる。人も自然の一部だということ、自然は素晴らしく、その一部である私たちも素晴らしいということ、全ての人の中に音楽が存在しており、それを知ることが自分を幸せにしたり癒すことに繋がること、などを人々と共有したいという気持ちが湧き上がり、音楽活動を再開。シンガーソングライターとしてのデビュー「ありのままが美しい」は2018年6月に、2作目のアルバム「ONE LOVE」は2022年3月にリリース。両アルバムともサコ ・ヤスマの名前でリリースされている。








Singer-songwriter, keyboardist, percussionist, performer, Saco’s musical experience is wide. She studied classical piano as a young child but started searching for more freedom in music when she was in her teens. She played in rock, reggae & funk bands in Tokyo. She continued her musical journey as a saxophonist when she came to NY in 1989, and played Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, Jazz, and free improvisational music. She has collaborated with dancers, visual artists, filmmakers, poets, and other performing artists.


As a saxophonist, she played with stellar musicians, such as Billy Bang, Roy Campbell, Jr., Steve Swell, Jason Kao Hwang, Sheila Jordan, just to name a few, while presenting original compositions in her own ensembles. She released the album, “Another Rain” in 2007. Soon after, she stopped playing the saxophone because of the spine injury.

While giving adaptive music lessons, she engaged in healing arts, improvisational music circles, farming and composting, and nurtured herself to connect more to nature and natural ways of life. 


Years later, while walking in the snow, suddenly, she heard words with a melody and started writing songs. Saco resumed her musical journey as a singer-songwriter and released the album “AS IT IS is Beautiful” in summer 2018. It features songs in Japanese and English. Audience will absorb the nuance, sound, and vibration of Japanese, while the songs are interpreted in English poetic narratives. Saco performs as a solo, or with the ensemble, "Saco & As It Is," which has various configurations; duo, trio, quartet, and often with One Note One Spirit Choir. The second album "ONE LOVE" was released in March 2023. Both albums "AS IT IS is Beautiful" and "ONE LOVE" were released under the previous name SACO YASUMA.

Saco appears in clubs, galleries, festivals, and healing/wellness events in Japan and U.S., including the Celebrating Women Composer Festival, the Vision Festival, the WHAM Festival, and other venues and events. 


Saco is a co-founder of One Note One Spirit, the unique sound community for everyone and ATOWA, the piano duo with the celestial sound creator; composer, pianist and crystal singing bowl player, Naoe Moriya who lives in Yokohama, Japan.

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The multi-instrumentalist, Saco Myoji’s musical experiences are broad; Blues, Funk, Rock, Bossa Nova, Salsa, Jazz, and Free Improvisational music. She blends all together with her native Japan’s melodies and sensibility to express love and gratitude to nature and the Universe and her music uplifts audience’s spirit.


Saco appears in clubs, galleries, festivals, and healing/wellness events in Japan and U.S., mostly in the New York City area, including the Celebrating Women Composer Festival, the Vision Festival, the WHAM Festival, and other venues and events. Saco offers various configurations of the ensemble; solo, duo, trio, and often brings the choir, extra percussionists and dancers, depending on the size and occasion of the event.

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